About PN2K

The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation ("PN2K") is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation founded and incorporated on August 08, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to honor the memory of Phyo N. Kyaw, MIT Alum and college classmate who first arrived at MIT as an international student from Burma. Phyo was an avid cyclist, stressed safety in bicycling, and was active in cycling groups around Boston. PN2K was founded to honor Phyo's memory and to align with areas that Phyo most cared about, like empowering children through education and mentorship. PN2K brings bike safety events and education to the community. We work to bring safety in cycling to you, your friends, and family members who cycle and hope to keep the community informed about each person's rights and responsibilities as a respectful road user.

Our Inspiration

PN2K stands for the Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Massachusetts, USA.
PN2K was set up in memory of Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw. We aim to make cycling safer for families and kids.

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Mission & Goals

PN2K aims to make cycling safer for families -- We want to revolutionize biking and change the way that people feel and think about biking. PN2K works on monthly bike safety events, including free bike repairs, and holds the largest MIT Bike Fest each year. PN2K has helped hundreds of cyclists be safer on the roads and continues to expand its programs every day. We are developing our youth education outreach programs to instill kids with the basic principles of road safety and respect and moving towards working with the City to advocate for safe streets and an improved cycling transport network. Need a helmet, bike lights, or high visibility gear? We carry those so you can pick them up easily after you make a donation or payment online.

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Our People

From the PN2K team to volunteers, mentors, advisors, community partners, sponsors, and beyond - we owe a lot of gratitude to the brilliant minds who contribute their time, effort, and ceaseless energy to making PN2K move forward.

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Our Work

We help make cycling less of a hassle for you. We go out on group bike rides, organize bike safety events with free minor repairs, and sell needed accessories like lights, helmets, and high-vis shirts. We are expanding our programs to youth outreach and planning to work with the City on urban infrastructure redesign.

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