The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions PN2K receives. If you have a question that is not answered, please let us know so that we can get you an answer right away.

Mission & History

Q: What is PN2K? What does PN2K do? 
A: PN2K is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) memorial foundation, set up in memory of an MIT alum who died in a bike accident with an 18-wheeler oil truck on the corner of Mass Ave & Vassar St on Dec 27, 2011. PN2K is a public charity with an MIT chapter (called MIT Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw, or MIT PN2K). PN2K works to make cycling safer for families and to prevent similar tragedies from occurring. Each month we run free bike safety and repair events at MIT, including pressure-washing, free food & music. Our foundation also distributes helmets, bike lights, and is working on making other product accessories more accessible and affordable for the community. 

Q: What is the mission of PN2K? 
A: PN2K works to make cycling safer for families. We aim to revolutionize the field and the way that people look and feel when they think about cycling. 

Q: What does the abbreviation PN2K stand for/come from? 
A: PN2K stands for The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation, named after the MIT alumni (Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw) who was struck in a fatal accident on the corner of Mass Ave & Vassar St in Dec 2011. If you take Phyo's initials, you have "PNNK." We "squared" the "N" and came out with P-N-squared-K (or PN2K). 


Q: What's the difference between PN2K and MIT PN2K?
A: PN2K is short for "The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation," which is the 501(c)(3) national corporation. PN2K is used throughout our website to refer to this foundation. Whenever we say MIT PN2K, we are referring to the MIT club, a student-run organization and the first college chapter of the foundation. PN2K and MIT PN2K work closely on projects but sponsor different events and have some different opportunities for involvement (e.g., PN2K offers internships while MIT PN2K offers club officer positions). Read more here

Financials and Funding

Q: How is PN2K funded?
A: PN2K has an MIT chapter, called MIT PN2K, that is MIT-funded and ASA-recognized. PN2K has cooperated with businesses and community partners in the past to raise funds, including Bertucci's at Kendall Square, which are used entirely for bike-safety related programs. MIT PN2K hosts the bike safety events of the foundation within MIT, open to the public. In the past, MIT PN2K has enjoyed the financial support of UA Finboard, LEF/ARCADE funding, MIT Student Activities Office, and the MIT Office of Government and Community Relations. A small percentage also comes from Amazon Smile participants and donations raised from the public and from generous supporters like yourself. 


Q: Exactly how much of my donation is going directly to people in need? How much of my donation is used for administrative costs?
A: Since PN2K was founded in 2012 to the August 2015, PN2K has enjoyed the support of only volunteers, including executive directors, advisors, and the administration roles. Since August 2015, PN2K has covered its fundraising costs internally, meaning that 100% of donated funds go to PN2K's program work. 

Q: Can I choose a specific program to support?
A: All of the funds we receive are devoted entirely to funding our program initiatives and making bicycling safer both for cyclists and road users and on the infrastructure side. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific purpose, we will honor that wish or inform you if we cannot and offer to return your contribution. We have not and will not collect money for a specific event or purpose with the intention of using it for other purposes. 

Q: How can I be sure that my donations are going to PN2K?
A: You can donate through our online YouCaring platform which has been our donation platform of choice, serving donors and generous supporters since 2014. We have one campaign that we are running called "$20K for PN2K" in which all funds raised are tax-deductible and go towards The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation, Inc. to continue developing PN2K's program work. Other alternative methods is mailing a check to us (address: 174 Brookline Street, #3, Cambridge, MA 02139). Please make all checks payable to  "The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation." 


Q: Can I intern or volunteer for PN2K?
A: Yes to both. In fact, some of our volunteers in the past have gone on to arrange and pursue internships with us. Feel free to contact us (if possible, attach a copy of your most recent résumé), and one of our team coordinators will be in touch if there is a match between your skills and our initiatives. You can also apply to both directly through our website. 


Q: How can I join? How can I participate? 
A: The best way to join is to volunteer at one of our monthly bike events. Most of our volunteers become so engaged with what we do that they also come to our team meetings and/or participate in our regular bike rides around town (or even to Salem, MA). These bike events are hosted through MIT PN2K but is a great introduction into either the MIT chapter or working with the nonprofit foundation (the team for both MIT PN2K and PN2K overlap so that members are often involved with activities for both organizations). You can either visit our Join Us page or contact us so we discuss your talents and main reasons for why you would like to join PN2K.

Q: Are there membership fees to joining? 
A: You can join as a non-member with PN2K where you can come to our events. It is recommended that you join us with an annual $25 membership (also tax-exempt) which will also give you the benefits of discounts for our PN2K shirts and bike tune-ups with our partners Bike Boom in Davis Square when you visit their local store for accessories or complete bike tune-ups. 

Affiliations and Partnerships

Q: Are you affiliated with anyone/anything? 
A: The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation is a separate national nonprofit charity that stands separately from its MIT chapter, called MIT PN2K, which has its roots at MIT. The MIT chapter is ASA-recognized and MIT-funded. 

Q: Who are your partners? Who do you work with? 
A: PN2K, Inc. has worked with and still continues to enjoy the generous support of a diverse spectrum of partners across the city, including Bertucci's @ Kendall, Starbucks at Kendall/MIT, StarMarket at MIT, Bike Boom in Davis Square, Planet Bike, the MIT COOP in the Student Center, the MIT Office of Government and Community Relations, MIT Commuter Connections at the MIT Parking & Transportation Office, Helmets R Us, WilmerHale (for their legal support via pro bono assistance), and many more. PN2K also enjoys the support of local city advocates on bike safety, including members from the Boston Bike Party, LivableStreets Alliance, councillors from the City of Cambridge, and more. MIT PN2K has also enjoyed the support of staff and advisors from the MIT Student Activities Office and MIT Campus Activities Complex. We are always working to increase our reach and expand meaningful partnerships. Please visit our Partners page or contact us if you can support us and our bike safety initiatives.