PN2K Bike Rides

PN2K participates in two types of bike rides around town. If you are not familiar with PN2K events and rides, you should first learn more from our Events page before you RSVP or email us with any questions.

Past bike rides: Read in our PN2K blogs >

MIT PN2K City Bike Rides

Our rides are casual (not competitive or race speed) and pass through different routes each ride. Our rides are meant to help our riders build confidence on the road and learn road rules that they might not be familiar with or know how to apply. After our rides, we expect you to know how to safely use bike lanes and know how to ride from point A to point B by yourself on your bike. Meeting point is usually at the MIT Student Center front steps. Depending on how the group feels, we'll go for lunch or a drink afterwards to socialize. If your bike is in need of some oiling, we offer quick and simple (<5 minutes) bike maintenance services 45 minutes before the ride to current PN2K members.

Lead a Bike Ride

Want to lead a trip to Walden Pond, Blue Hills, Salem, Minuteman, or Esplanade? Want to organize a trip to buy groceries or go to a bike store together? Help others feel safe on the road and learn how to become a bike leader: send our bike leaders an email and let us know you are interested. (Bonus: Tell us how you would improve biking around the city)

Boston Bike Party Convoys

Biking alone in a costume isn't fun, so bike together with members of our team. Boston Bike Party always happens on the 2nd Fridays of each month starting at 7:00 PM in Copley Square. Even if we don't have an officially-organized convoy, feel free to organize amongst each other and use 84 Mass Ave as a convoy meeting point. The location is at the MIT Student Center on Mass Ave in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If any of our members are going, we head out from MIT at about 6:45 PM. Learn more about BBP at

To bring list:

  • Helmet (need a helmet? Purchase one for $20 at our website here)
  • Bike lights
  • Bike lock (if you want to stay for the after-party social)
  • Warm clothes and gloves (during colder weather)
  • (Optional) Snacks & water for longer rides
  • (Optional) Costume

Join or Lead a Bike Ride

Our bike rides are made possible with volunteers, such as yourself! Each PN2K bike ride requires at least two co-biking leaders (one person leading the ride, another trailing) to keep a bike group together. If you are an interested leader, please email our MIT PN2K officers with your name, biking experience, and proposed bike ride. In your bike ride details, please try to include:

  • Route of proposed bike ride 
  • Length 
  • Pace (average mph range -- if you don't know what this means, slow, moderate, or fast is fine) 

After each bike ride is confirmed, we will post the ride to the list so that more people can join!