Tykes for Bikes! A page for the kids

We are working on educating kids and youth about bicycle safety. This is a new field from which we have received lots of positive feedback. In the Spring-Summer of 2016, we ran a pilot program with kids in daycare from 5-12 years of age and our findings about their use of bikes have surprised us. We are still working on iterative development of our Tykes for Bikes kids' program and creating our Tanuki music video. You can read more about Part I of the recording process in our blog post. Our team would like to thank the MIT Office of Government and Community Relations for their generous funding to implement our ideas.

What are some of the ways I can help out?

Please email PN2K if you can either:
1) Connect us with, or recommend us to, a local youth group that you think we can match nicely with to work on bicycle safety and education
2) Volunteer a few hours of your time each month to help develop our Tykes for Bikes kids' safety program.

In the meantime...

In 2014, we started a collaboration with a student group at MIT and held four STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) hands-on, experiential-learning field trips with really cool founders and start-ups. Read more here.

We also awarded our first ever PN2K $500 Achievement Award to Lucie Sanon, first girl in her family to attend college. Read more here.

To Come...

We are working on an exciting and creative kids' music video on bicycle safety. Stay tuned.