Help Out

Helping takes all different forms. We know people are busy, so here is a general guideline to help you decide how you want to begin contributing, based on how active you want to be and how much time you can feasibly give.

*Please note that PN2K and MIT PN2K work closely but hold separate events. The opportunities below apply to the PN2K foundation unless indicated otherwise (usually by a "PN2K/MIT PN2K" denoting opportunities apply to both).

Very active

  • Become a PN2K/MIT PN2K organizer
  • Volunteer (PN2K/MIT PN2K)
  • Intern
  • Join or lead group bike rides (PN2K/MIT PN2K)
  • Help fundraise (PN2K/MIT PN2K)


I want to help out from the comfort of my couch

  • Subscribe to our emailing list (PN2K/MIT PN2K)
  • Shop using AmazonSmile (step-by-step for quick set-up) and support the Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation
  • Dine at Bertucci's Italian Pizza restaurant and have part of my proceeds donated to PN2K (click here for redemption coupon)
  • Spread the word (on social media, to friends) (PN2K/MIT PN2K)


The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation focuses on fostering bike safety knowledge for kids. We work with active cyclists from the Greater Boston Community.

Join the PN2K Organizing Team
(this section currently under development. In the meantime, please apply here)

Volunteer your time
To carry out its charitable mission, PN2K has a dedicated implementation team, a Board of Advisors, an MIT chapter, and a skilled team of volunteers who have in total dedicated thousands of hours in volunteering to make more than 700+ cyclists safer for our community. As an up and coming nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on the manpower, skill, time, energy, and generosity of our volunteers to continuously push our nonprofit towards meeting its mission of making cycling safer for families and helping us to establish our fundamental groundwork. It doesn't matter whether you've biked 1 mile or 10,000 - If you want to help build and contribute to the cycling community and make a difference, volunteer. (please apply here)

Apply for an Internship
We would be interested to learn more about your internship interests. Please submit the initial form here and we will get back to you if we see a good match.


The MIT PN2K club is the chapter of the foundation started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If you would like to help out with MIT PN2K, please contact pn2kmit-officers[at]mit[dot]edu or visit this page for more details and to apply for any vacancies on the team.