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The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation was founded and discovered in memory and in honor of Phyo N. Kyaw, dear friend and MIT alum who was the victim of a bicycle-truck collision on Dec 27, 2012. Learn more about our background and PN2K's mission.

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We help get your bikes fixed for free or at a very low price. This helps give peace of mind so you can enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the destination.

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Want to join or lead a bike ride? Start with PN2K. We believe in increasing ridership and building community through bike rides that cater to cyclists of all abilities and speeds.

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PN2K helmets

Need a helmet but don't want to overpay or wander into a bike shop? Pick up your helmet from the MIT COOP in W20 after ordering online with us.

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STEAM #1: Danger(ously)!Awesome

PN2K and MIT Amphibious Achievement jointly held the first Amphibious Achievement company tour on April 5th, 2014. Achievers had the chance to visit the dangerously awesome Danger!Awesome, where they learned about lasers and how art and engineering can come together to make very cool things, like wooden star-shaped keychains engraved with our names! Throw in some potential new summer internship opportunities, food and games in the sun, and what more could a person ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Thank you Danger!Awesome for hosting us. Thank you MIT Amphibious Achievement for your hard-working Achievers — what a great group of students! PN2K looks forward to working with all of you more. We hope you were inspired to learn and explore.

See our full photo album for Danger!Awesome STEAM Field Trip #1

What is this PN2K initiative?

From Spring 2014-2015, PN2K started “STEAM” (science, tech, engineering, arts, maths), experiential-based learning field trips for high school students, organized in collaboration with an MIT student group called Amphibious Achievement. Learn more.


We believe actions speak louder than words.

Each nonprofit needs funding to sustain its efforts. Please consider purchasing your annual membership with us for $25, which allows you benefits with our partners and discounts on products we sell. You can also join the MIT PN2K club. Bike rides led by MIT PN2K and bike socials are free, but bike fixing or maintenance help is available to current members only.

You only need to pay for one type of membership to be considered a member of both PN2K and the MIT club.

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