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The Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation was founded and discovered in memory and in honor of Phyo N. Kyaw, dear friend and MIT alum who was the victim of a bicycle-truck collision on Dec 27, 2012. Learn more about our background and PN2K's mission.

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We help get your bikes fixed for free or at a very low price. This helps give peace of mind so you can enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the destination.

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Want to join or lead a bike ride? Start with PN2K. We believe in increasing ridership and building community through bike rides that cater to cyclists of all abilities and speeds.

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Need a helmet but don't want to overpay or wander into a bike shop? Pick up your helmet from the MIT COOP in W20 after ordering online with us.

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As I came out of the MIT Z-Center this afternoon, I caught sight of a huge tent with a multitude of ergs all lying parallel along the length of Kresge lawn. Of course, this would be the much anticipated MIT Erg-A-Thon from our partners, MIT Amphibious Achievement

This Erg-A-Thon runs from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM and is AA's annual fundraiser, except that this year, we managed to work with co-founder Noam Angrist in 2013 as well as current co-president Alice Huang to make something additionally special happen: Noam mentioned they had toyed with the idea of creating a scholarship to be awarded to one of their high school mentees (called "Achievers") on an annual basis. The idea of attributing a scholarship in memory of Phyo (who was a mentor for Amphibious Achievement) was perfect - The scholarship would embody Phyo's spirit of teaching, growth, and scholarship for youth. 

So, this year, when you contribute to the MIT Erg-A-Thon, 10% of up to $5000 raised will go towards a PN2K $500 Achievement Award. This $500 fund will be granted to a graduating Achiever to support her/his aspirations through higher education. 



We believe actions speak louder than words.

Each nonprofit needs funding to sustain its efforts. Please consider purchasing your annual membership with us for $25, which allows you benefits with our partners and discounts on products we sell. You can also join the MIT PN2K club. Bike rides led by MIT PN2K and bike socials are free, but bike fixing or maintenance help is available to current members only.

You only need to pay for one type of membership to be considered a member of both PN2K and the MIT club.

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